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Painters, writers, designers, sculptors, animators and especially those who don’t fit in.





Deadline for all submissions is November 30 2019 00:00 GMT.

In the awesome tradition of putting together the works of artists for the masses to enjoy, and with a little inspiration from the 20th century surrealist movement, the Artists’ Cook Book is a bi-annual online publication by artists, for everyone. At its core, the publication sets off to benefit artists and reveal their creative potential whilst keeping it free for artists to publish their work and free for people to access it.

How it works


Write a food recipe, create a piece of art, whatever you want to do you can do. The only limit is the one you set yourself.


Whether it’s painting, sculpture, installation or actual food, conceptual, traditional or otherwise, it’s down to you. Just start with the theme set by each edition and go from there.


After you created your art, make sure to take good, high resolution photos of what you’ve made – you’ll need them for your submission. If you’re unable to do so, please get in touch with us and we will see how we can help! Quick tip: photograph your art from either above or sideways against a white background.


Fill in the form below. You’ll need 2 photos of your art, the recipe of how to make it, an artist’s statement explaining how the art relates to the theme, a short bio and up to 4 pieces of art you’ve created before (not necessarily 4, but we’re eager to showcase your work!). Work will not be curated if it meets our photo quality criteria and it comes from an emerging or established artist.

This edition’s theme:


Selection criteria


We are very excited to see what you can do and we are committed to publishing all the work we receive. We require good resolution photos and content from you and we’re more than happy to help with this. Please get in touch via e-mail if you feel you could do with a helping hand! Write to



We will put the Artists’ Cookbook in front of hundreds of galleries, museums and subscribers. The purpose of the Artists’ Cookbook is to inspire audiences and improve the quality of life of both artists and observers just as art has done for millennia. We work hard to distribute the magazine to as many people as possible.

What your space will look like


Each artist gets a 2 page spread inside the magazine. All you have to do is send us the content as per above and we will do the rest! For clarity, here’s a mock up of what it might look like:

Some Inspiration


Check out these videos from PBS’ The Art Assignment.

Your art could look like this but it doesn’t have to! You decide, but make it possible for your reader to be able to put it together themselves.

Submission form


All fields are required. Please note all images have to be below 2MB. If your images are larger, that’s not a bad thing! Just send them separately via e-mail to You are still required to fill in this form even if you send your photos separately.

Your Cookbook Art Photos (2MB MAX UPLOAD PER IMAGE)


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